Junior GolfStarz Classes in Chester

Golfstarz is the fun way for your children to learn…while they play.

Every pupil is introduced to, and learns the fundamentals of the golf swing though GASP – grip, aim stance, posture. Our Chester based indoor classes are especially a fun, positive and educational way for children of all ages to learn how to play golf in a friendly environment.

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Introducing our Golfstarz Chester Coach

Mike Trevor

  • Aged 25
  • From Ellesmere Port.
  • Been with Golfstarz for 18 months.
  • An all round talented sportsman with a background in football coaching.
  • Very creative with children.
  • A 6 foot 5 inches tall- everyone who works with Mike considers him to be a gentle giant!
Mike Trevor, Chester Golfstarz Junior Golf Coach

Mike Trevor

Chester Coach

Tel: 07715251740