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Golfstarz is the fun way for your child
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Golfstarz is the fun way for your children to learn…while they play.

Every pupil is introduced to, and learns the fundamentals of the golf swing though GASP – grip, aim stance, posture. Our start up indoor classes are especially a fun, positive and educational way for children of all ages to learn how to play golf in a friendly environment.

Learning GASP

Guaranteed to make your kids scream with excitement

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Our Classes by age for boys and girls

Golfstarz mini starz classes

Mini Starz - age 3 to 4

45 minute class

A basic introduction into golf with an emphasis on learning basic skills such as GASP.

Golfstarz - little starz classes

Little Starz - age 5 to 6

60 minute class

There is a keener emphasis on GASP – Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture, at this stage of your child’s development.

Golfstarz - big starz classes

Big Starz - age 7 to 10

60 minute class

A more advanced approach to developing different aspects of various golf shots

How each lesson is structured

  • Briefing on the topic of the day
  • Safety talk and drills
  • ‘Pupils’ workbook
  • Warm up and stretching, golf exercises
  • Coaching Session
  • Skills challenge competition
  • Award ‘Golfstarz’ of the week
  • Demo of the day


By using age related teaching aids with colours for each session, our coach will teach specific weekly skills, allowing golf education to be fun. Children learn best if they enjoy what they are doing.

All our Coaches are fully insured and DBS checked professionals.

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